A niche of wilderness. A refuge for restoration. A place for reflection and meditation. A space to create. An invitation to encounter and discover... something new.

Kandy Cottage is a holiday home located in the heart of Sri Lanka's spectacular central mountain region, yet only ten minutes' walk from the centre of the city of Kandy. We invite you to rent one of the rooms, or the whole house, for just one night, or for as long as you like. It's your break - you decide!

Picture of Kandy Cottage The cottage nestles in a little hollow, in the midst of trees, beside a tiny virgin forest - "Udawatakelle" Forest Sanctuary (the name means "the wilderness above the garden") - just one of the many splendidly green spaces that is Kandy.

coffee flower Bird calls and the chirruping of insects enfold the cottage. A tribe of chattering monkeys visit it, for it lies on their daily route. Who watches whom is hard to say, for they sit solemnly on a tree or roof and watch you as you watch them. The fragrance of jasmine permeates it, and in season the coffee blossoms jostle for an airing of its fragrance. A kaleidoscope of green is all that can be seen from the cottage; in the morning and evening the sun lights up the trees into a mosaic of mellow shades.

serenity Kandy Cottage gives you space to "be". It nurtures, refreshes, and gives you peace - the peace of "being" - which many of us lose in everyday life. It is an invitation to encounter Kandy (its people and culture, both past and present), and to discover the hidden beauties of life within and around you.

Read on to discover the facilities provided by Kandy Cottage, its location, and how to find it, the deals we offer, and the ethos and values of the enterprise.