Our ethics and ethos

coffee flower We offer a unique experience. Kandy Cottage is not a "hotel"... We call it "a space to be and to become".

Our background: Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse nation and our desire is to celebrate this. We are, therefore, trilingual - Tamil (language of the minority), English (the language of the queen, our colonial forefathers and now international link language) and Sinhalese (the language of the majority): our staff are conversant in all three languages, and all printed information, websites, and signposting will eventually be in all three languages.

National: In the current situation of distrust and conflict, amidst the ethnic and religious polarizations in Sri Lanka, we want to nurture an ethos of understanding and trust, reconciliation, and peace between communities. We intend, in time, to provide a library with articles, books and magazines, diverse genres of local and international music available for listening, and photographs and films available for viewing.

Local: On a more local scale, we desire to provide opportunities and livelihoods for the local communities in which Kandy Cottage is located. Our employment terms for the staff takes into account the necessity for a sense of ownership and vision, as well as personal accomplishment. Portions of profits are directed towards the staff, and local residents will be involved in some aspects of the functioning of the cottage. We do not want this to be a money motivated, self-seeking venture for profit alone, but something that benefits and excites all involved.

We promote conservation of the environment through our interior design and (eventually) landscaping that uses Sri Lankan and natural products as far as possible (a challenging process), and through responsible recycling. We encourage mutual respect and fairness in relationships between managers, investors, and staff through a policy of transparency.


Our Vision

We are a group of people attempting to "create an Environment" through this place - its design and décor - for peace, well being and contemplation.

We hope you will take time to rest, think, formulate, become; to ponder on life, the Universe and Everything (as Douglas Adams put it).